7 July 2022

The Net Zero Workplace

Cavendish Conference Centre, London + Online
10am – 4.30pm GMT+1 followed by Drinks Social
The Net Zero Workplace
How should we design and manage our workspaces to comply with the upcoming legislation around Net Zero?
Set against the backdrop of the requirement to reduce carbon emissions, our themes include changing employee behaviour using the design process, the gamification of the workplace, occupancy and space management, reducing embodied carbon, active travel, and case study examples of new-build and decarbonised existing offices.
This event isn’t another talk-shop, but aims to provide very actionable pointers for workplace professionals to take away.
The conference will be of vital use to workplace consultants, change managers, occupiers, managers, designers, architects, and suppliers.
There will be ample time for networking and the conference will close with our customary drinks social.
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There are many good reasons why so many workplace professionals return to our events and conferences time and time again. Here’s just a few of them:

  • Quality, pitch free presentations for practical benefit.
  • Meet and network with like-minded workplace professionals.
  • Mingle with established thought-leaders in workplace.
  • A non-commercial, relaxed environment.
  • Access to video recordings after the event.
  • Support the environment – we plant a tree for every delegate place booked.
  • Award-winning sustainable venue.
  • Complimentary post-event drinks social.
  • CPD certificates available on request.
  • Access to a full delegate list ahead of the event.
  • Membership of our exclusive LinkedIn Group for all our past and present delegates.

All attendees receive access to a full delegate list ahead of the event so they can prepare to meet old and new connections.

If you haven’t registered yet, these organisations have already signed up one or more delegates for the conference. Book your place now to see your organisation’s name added!

In-Person Attendees

Active Workplace Solutions Business Development Manager
Active Workplace Solutions Business Development Manager
Agilita Agile Product Specialist
Align GB Interiors Limited Co-Founder
Amnesty International Head of Global Workplace
Ampersand Partners Partner
Business Moves Group Managing Director
Element Four Managing Director
Elementa Consulting Regional Director
EMCOR UK Head of Workplace
EMCOR UK Executive Director, Supply Chain
EMCOR UK Executive Director
EMCOR UK Executive Director, Wellbeing, Safety & Assurance
EMCOR UK Head of Social Value
EMCOR UK Carbon Director
Eric Parry Architects Director
Eric Parry Architects Associate
Eric Parry Architects Associate
Eric Parry Architects Project Architect
Form Design Consultants Associate
Form Design Consultants Senior Interior Designer
GoSpace AI Chief Workplace & Change Strategist
HB Reavis Senior Workplace Consultant
HB Reavis UK Ltd Origameo: Workplace Consultant
Holistic Communications Managing Director
Hollis Associate
Humans In Trees Environmental Psychologist and Designer
Journal of Biophilic Design
Senior Director Market Development EMEA
Koba Co-Founder
Landsec Energy and Sustainability Manager
LUME Interiors Director
Max Fordham Sustainability Consultant
NDY Consulting Ltd Associate
NFS Meetings Technology Ltd Head of Corporate Sales
Novators Hospitality CEO
Paul Murphy Architects Partner
Perkins&Will Workplace Consultant
Perkins&Will Principal
Perkins&Will Senior Workplace Consultant
Remit Consulting Director
Salt and Pegram Owner
The Competition and Markets Authority Property Transformation Director
The Furniture Practice Director of Sustainability
The Furniture Practice Commercial and Sustainability Manager
Tsunami Axis CSR Manager
TTSP Director of Architecture
Workplace Futures Group CEO & Founder

Virtual Attendees

Bureau Workspace Ltd
Bureau Workspace Ltd
Architectural Associate
Cardiff University TBC
Coady Architects Associate
Coady Architects Associate Director + Interiors Lead
Coady Architects Interior Designer
Copenhagen Municipality TBC
Dreso Strategic Expert on new working & learning spaces
EMCOR UK Chief Executive Officer
EMCOR UK Director of Business Improvement
EMCOR UK Operations Director
Fable and Form Ltd Co-Founder
Fora Space
Foster and Partners
Historic England
Sustainability Manager
Workplace Consultant & Design Strategist
Head of Facilities Management
ID:SR Sheppard Robson Associate Partner
J&A Consultants srl
Kingsley Symes
Senior Project Manager
KKS Savills Associate Director
KKS Savills Senior Workplace Strategist
MB Associates Project Sherpa
Michael Laird Architects Workplace Consultant & Interior Designer
Nipe Consult Designer & Cultural Analyst
Osmond Ergonomics Owner
Pleo Head of Workplace Strategy & Experience
Premier Foods Pilot Plant and Process Manager
Workplace Experience Lead
Head of Sales
Steelcase Workplace Consultant
Studio LIST Marketing Content Manager
Superlab Founder of New Perspectives
The Langham Estate Chief Executive Officer
The Langham Estate Management Surveyor
University of Nottingham Environment Officer
University Properties of Finland Ltd Manager, Customer Relations
Vantage Spaces Director
Work&Place Publisher
Work+Place+Design Architect

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Agenda (click each line to expand)

  • 0915 Registration and Coffee
  • 1000 Welcome and Introduction
    • Jeremy Campbell, EMCOR UK
    • Jeremy Campbell
      EMCOR UK

      Jeremy has a passion for the never ending pursuit of excellence actively encouraging organisations to work collaboratively to unlock value and co-create business solutions to build a better sustainable world for everyone. He is vocal with his support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a supporter of UK Charity Water Aid, and is an advocate of business creating real diversity, inclusion and social value. As a Member of the Institute for Collaborative Working(ICW) and a pioneer of business to business collaborative working relationships he was part the BSi’s Technical Committee to create and launch IS044001:2017 Collaborative Business Relationships leading EMCOR UK to be one the first six companies worldwide to achieve ISO 44001 accreditation. Jeremy also sits on the Advisory Council for ICW and is currently leading a Special Interest Group encouraging collaboration for both the sustainability and de-carbonisation agenda.

  • 1015 Disruptive Sustainability – A Radical New Model for Corporate Climate Action
    • Georgia Elliott-Smith, Element Four

    Despite our corporate sustainability policies, the planet is now at the point of climate and ecological crisis. It’s time to change, to adopt a new approach that delivers meaningful impact. Georgia proposes a model of disruptive sustainability that challenges the status quo and embraces activism.

    • Georgia Elliott-Smith
      Element Four

      An environmental engineer and Chartered Environmentalist, Georgia started her career as one of UK construction’s first Environment Managers. Following an Antarctic expedition, she became UNESCO Special Junior Envoy for Youth & the Environment, speaking to young people around the world on environmental issues. Founder and Managing Director of sustainability consultancy Element Four, Georgia works with organisations such as the Bank of England, Nike and Deloitte to deliver more sustainable projects and business practices. A critic of traditional approaches, Georgia promotes “disruptive sustainability” – a combination of best practice and activism that generates purpose and drives actions necessary to achieve meaningful change in industry. She has also delivered a TEDx talk in 2021, encouraging people to change the way we do business. Since 2020, Georgia has been challenging the UK government in the High Court over the proposed UK Emissions Trading Scheme and its failure to uphold the Paris Agreement. She is also one of the campaigners opposing the rebuild and expansion of the Edmonton Incinerator.

  • 1045 How to Design Sustainable Habitats for Sustainable Habits
    • Anicee Bauer, Humans In Trees

    It is clear by now that our current societal systems do not offer the right long-term solutions for our global or local problems. We have to make essential changes in how we approach and do things.

    Physical design can play an important role in contributing to a more sustainable future, but on its own it is not enough. Only by also addressing our way of thinking and our mind-set, is lasting sustainable behaviour change possible.

    This presentation introduces a three-layered model on Designing for a New Earth with the intention to create a synchronized flow between habits (behaviour design) and habitats (physical design). Habits therein refer to the personal and spiritual development that is necessary for humankind to acquire a different awareness and belief-system, that enables us to become our true selves and eventually behave more sustainably. Habitats then refer to the physical design features, that can stimulate and support this inner transformation. Aligning our inner and outer landscapes is a powerful holistic approach and lies at the basis of the model.


    • Anicee Bauer
      Humans In Trees

      Anicee Carolyn Bauer has worked for several years as an Environmental Psychologist at an interior architect practice, where she integrated psychology, scientific research and design thinking into the design process. Now, in 2022, she has started her own endeavour, Humans In Trees, with the mission to let people fall in love with nature again. “Because we cannot care for, what we don’t care about.” Anicee believes that once we restore our relationship with nature, we will also be able to make different, more sustainable choices. She offers inspiring talks, design advice and ideation workshops for more innovative (biophilic) design solutions. The core of her work, however, is her workshop-series on Designing for a New Earth, which is directed at igniting our personal and spiritual development. Because only by attending to both our outer and inner landscapes, is it possible to achieve lasting change and a balanced peaceful world.

  • 1115 Coffee
  • 1145 The Gamification of the Net Zero Workplace
    • Mark Bruno, Ampersand Partners
    • Andy Mazzucchelli, Landsec

    Office buildings in the UK lose over £60 million in wasted energy every year. In the City of London alone, the energy wasted could power 65,000 homes. In order to drive down energy use and achieve net zero goals in the workplace, we must find better ways to collaborate and change behaviour.

    Enter CUBE, the UK’s first competition to tackle the dual challenges of occupier engagement and energy efficiency improvement in commercial buildings. It’s an innovative approach that brings landlords, building managers and occupiers together and, through gamification, mobilises them to reduce their consumption – i.e. the logical first step to net zero.

    With monthly rankings and an annual awards ceremony, the challenge mirrors a sports season.  The competition has been running successfully in France for 6 years and has reduced building energy use by an average 12% and up to 55% year on year, just by changing behaviour and basic reprogramming, and without major investment.

    Early adopters include Landsec, Stanhope, Savills, The Howard de Walden Estate, Workspace Group and RO Group. We’ll hear the perspective of both the organisers and the participants in this exciting session.

    • Mark Bruno
      Ampersand Partners

      Mark Bruno is a Partner at Ampersand Partners, a management consultancy helping business leaders understand how sustainability is transforming the commercial real estate market and how best to create advantages from it. He is also Chief Ambassador for the CUBE competition in the UK. He has over 20 years’ experience in technology, property and consulting in the UK, US and Asia, much of it in entrepreneurial growth stage companies.

    • Andy Mazzucchelli

      Andy is the Energy and Sustainability Manager of Landsec, one of the UK's leading commercial property companies. He monitors and advises on driving down energy usage and carbon emissions across 24 million sq ft portfolio of office and retail buildings in support of Landsec’s ambition to transition to Net Zero. Andy is leading on various energy saving initiatives including a customer engagement programme to help Landsec’s customers recognise opportunities for energy reduction. Before joining Landsec, Andy worked in energy and carbon consulting delivering strategic solutions to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in commercial buildings across multiple sectors. Andy is a Chartered Energy Manager and holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.

  • 1215 Dynamic Scheduling: Managing Workspace to Net Zero
    • Neil Usher, GoSpace AI

    The climate emergency is finally driving organisations to consider the environmental impact of workspace alongside their own needs and those of their people. Yet known approaches to workplace occupancy and existing space management technologies embed wasted space. Until the pandemic, this waste was accepted as the norm. Now, however, a new genre of AI-driven dynamic scheduling offers the opportunity to meet all three needs.

    • Neil Usher
      GoSpace AI

      With over 30 years in industry as a property, workplace and change leader, Neil has delivered innovative environments for organisations in a variety of sectors, all over the world including Warner Bros., Honeywell, Rio Tinto and Sky. He is now Chief Workplace & Change Strategist at GoSpace AI, creators of the only dynamic and intelligent workspace management application available today. He leads the advisory arm of the business, providing strategic and practical advice to clients on creating and operating human-centric workplaces in a hybrid world. He has been actively blogging about work for over a decade. His first book The Elemental Workplace was published in 2018 and the follow-up Elemental Change in 2020.

  • 1245 Lunch
  • 1345 Responsible Consumption and The Workplace
    • Ian Baker, Head of Workplace, EMCOR UK
    • Ian Baker
      Head of Workplace, EMCOR UK

      Ian is Head of Workplace for EMCOR UK, a leading facilities management company. Heading up the client facing workplace consultancy, he's an advocate of how workplaces can contribute to an organisations productivity, employee engagement, health and wellbeing. A strategic thinker and agent for change, Ian combines data with his knowledge and skills as a workplace leader to promote evidence-based designs that improve workplace performance.

  • 1415 Embodied Carbon in the Workplace – Focus on Process not Projects
    • Adam Strudwick, Principal, Corporate Interiors, Perkins&Will

    Perkins & Will are currently working with some major international clients such as Netflix, Unilever and EBRD who are taking a game changing approach to reducing embodied carbon in their real estate portfolio’s.

    A tour of what Perkins and Will have learnt since we launched our manifesto focusing on Net Zero Interiors and how we believe championing major industry wide process change is the only way we can make the great leaps forward required to match our climate goals.

    • Adam Strudwick
      Principal, Corporate Interiors, Perkins&Will

      Adam has built his career in the commercial workplace industry, working at various scales, and in a range of locations around the world. But most importantly, there is a driving force behind all his designs – creating democratic workplaces that are sustainable for the future. As we spend the majority of our day working, Adam is passionate about delivering places that make people happier, and better able to do their job. Coupled with this, he is keenly aware that as a society we are using too many resources, and he aims to limit his impact on the planet through environmentally responsible design. His care for the environment goes beyond his working life too. As a sustainable and healthy way to travel, he is an advocate of cycling, and believes it will be the future of commuting for most people. For Adam, it is a great way to get in some exercise, drop his kids off at school, and still get into work with time to spare!

  • 1445 Tea
  • 1515 BCO Report - The Impact of Active Travel on Real Estate and the Workplace
    • Neil Webster, Director, Remit Consulting

    “British Council for Offices calls on businesses to include active commuting in ESG policies to combat carbon emissions”.  

    March 2022 saw the launch of the updated BCO 2017 report looking at the rise of cycling and active travel, and its impact on office specification and investment. The report was written by Remit Consulting and commissioned by the BCO. The update in part was designed to take account of  the implications of the global pandemic.  The 2022 report concluded that active travel was at a tipping point. Since this report, the market has continued to expand and mature driven by a range of factors.

    Neil outlines the findings and recommendations from the report, and Remit Consulting continues to look into the drivers of change along with occupier demand and landlord sentiment and their relationship to active travel.

    • Neil Webster
      Director, Remit Consulting

      Neil is the founder of the management consultancy Cyclo Consulting and a Director of Remit Consulting. He focuses on real estate and active travel strategies for large organisations - public and private. He is currently assisting corporates, health Trusts and local authorities on their estate transformation programmes. How real estate and the workplace interfaces with active travel has been an interest of Neil’s for over a decade. He authored the BCO report – The Market Cycles – in 2017 and is currently updating [has updated] it for 2022, leads tours of workplace cycling facilities and curated the Club Peloton member event “Bikes, Brains and Workplace”. More recently, also with Remit, he led a team reviewing the cycling facilities of over 700 buildings for a major corporate. Not surprisingly he may be found on a bike from time to time!

  • 1545 Case Study: Quadrum - A New Net Zero Workplace in Victoria, London
    • Henry Pelly, Max Fordham LLP
    • Mike McMahon, Eric Parry Architects

    11 Belgrave Road is an exceptional net zero workplace in London Victoria, which sets new standards in design, sustainability and wellbeing for the next generation of occupier.

    The 150,000 sq ft office redevelopment is the UK’s first building to achieve a 5.5 Star NABERS UK design-reviewed target rating for efficiency. It is net zero carbon in both construction and operation, surpassing the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge target by 38%.  It has also achieved a design stage BREEAM Outstanding rating, sitting in the top 1% of BREEAM assessed buildings; and is one of only six to pre-certify for WELL Platinum. In addition, it is pre-certified WiredScore Platinum and targeting SmartScore Platinum.

    This session will provide a case study of the project and explain the motivation and commitment behind the decision to create an exemplary building that out-performs others in design, construction and operation.

    • Henry Pelly
      Max Fordham LLP

      Henry is a Principal Sustainability Consultant with more than 12 years of experience of designing and advising on buildings that are environmentally exemplary. He has provided sustainability advice on projects at all scales, from Net Zero Carbon office fit outs, to decarbonisations of estates, to pioneering masterplans. His particular area of expertise is in understanding the human aspects of sustainable design. Henry is leading the approach to net zero carbon and NABERS on Quadrum's 11 Belgrave Road development in Victoria, which is the first building in the UK to achieve a design stage NABERS UK rating of 5.5 out of 6. Henry is a RIBA Chartered Architect with masters’ degrees in Environmental Psychology and Environmental Design. He was a member of the RIBA’s Ethics and Sustainable Development Commission, which examined how the architecture profession should be delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals and initiated the RIBA 2030 Challenge.

    • Mike McMahon
      Eric Parry Architects

      Mike is an Associate at Eric Parry Architects, one of the UK’s leading design lead architectural practices. He is part of the practice’s Sustainability Group and spearheaded an initiative to enable EPA’s London studio to become Net Zero Carbon in 2021, in line with UKGBC’s Net Zero Carbon. He is currently leading sustainability focused projects at 11 Belgrave Road, Victoria and 31-37 Central Street, Old Street. He was Project Architect on RIBA Award winning 4 Pancras Square at King’s Cross. The 11-storey, 300,000 sq ft speculative office building with a weathering steel exo-skeleton was the first commercial project in the UK to achieve BREEAM 2014 Outstanding. Central Street is a new workspace with high sustainability aspirations utilising materials with a low embodied carbon and utilising natural ventilation to enable a low operational energy. Another project Mike has worked on is 30 St. James’s Square, completed in 2021, a complex new 6-storey office inserted behind two separate, retained facades dating from 1880 and 1910. The scheme promoted retention over demolition and provided addition floors and the upgrade to Grade A office space.

  • 1615 Close, followed by Drinks Social

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