Tuesday 15 October 2024

Workplace Trends: The User Experience

10:00am – 4.30pm GMT+1, followed by Drinks Social
Workplace Trends: The User Experience

Be Part of the Change at Workplace Trends 2024 #WT24

Workplace is in a constant state of evolution, accelerating more now than ever before. Join us for a day of enlightenment, inspiration, and connection that’s not to be missed.

We’ll be examining themes around space utilisation, inclusive design, exemplar case studies, physical and mental health and wellbeing, productivity and more – all relating to the user (or occupant) experience.

Workplace Trends is a convergence of expert minds and an invaluable platform to explore the future of work and workplace. It’s an event for all workplace professionals striving to design, manage, and nurture modern, attractive, productive, and healthy workplaces, and this year’s conference promises to be the most captivating yet.

The day closes with our customary drinks social where the conversation continues.

Speakers and Sessions

People, Productivity, Planet: Reinventing Work for a Digital Age
– Dr Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner, BT Business CTO

The future world of work was already being redefined by digital technologies before the pandemic hit. Now, as old, and new ways of working collide, we have a unique opportunity to rethink things to make work work for people, productivity and the planet, whilst harnessing the best of both real and digital worlds.

Nicola is BT’s Principal Innovation Partner. She is a presenter, writer and researcher on people-centred innovation in customer experience, digital workplace and the future of work within BT.

Nicola has had a range of roles, including futurology, research, usability, customer service, marketing, and business consulting. She was involved with a number of BT firsts, including the first application of artificial intelligence into our call centres, our initial experiments with home working, and helping to develop our ‘net easy’ score; a new way of measuring customer experience. She is currently looking at innovation in both employee and customer experience.

Nicola Millard

Future-Proofing the Workplace
– Paragon Workplace Solutions

It is estimated that in 2024, Gen Z will outnumber Baby Boomers in the workplace and by 2030, Gen Z will make up 30% of the workforce. What do we therefore need to consider when future-proofing the workplace?

Paragon and their research partners unveil new findings of the expectations of younger of office workers. Followed by a discussion panel with expert workplace designers, FM leaders and recruiters.

Iain Shorthose (2)

Towards a New Relationship-Based Design Model
– Mark Catchlove, MillerKnoll Global Insight Group

Until recently, supporting activity-based work was considered cutting-edge workplace strategy. How much people valued their workplace depended upon how well it supported their everyday work activities.

However the value of the workplace today is more nuanced. Desk-based workers can successfully perform many of their tasks almost anywhere, but relationship-building is much less effective at a distance.

And in survey after survey, we see the growing importance of relationship-based work. So rather than creating a series of spaces that are tailored to certain work activities, a relationship-based work model asks us to consider who needs to be supported and the nature of their interactions.

This includes everything from interactions that prioritise production, helping move specific work forward, to interactions that prioritise information exchange or personal reflection, helping build culture and a sense of belonging.

To support this range of interactions, this session will propose taking a neighbourhood planning approach. This entails designing a collection of neighbourhoods within the workplace, with distinct characteristics that respond to how different people cycle through various types of interactions through any given workday focusing on individual, group, and community. Our speaker will explore how organisations can apply this new relationship-based design model to improve employee wellbeing, facilitate connection, and navigate change in their workplace.

Mark Catchlove

The Impact of Workplace Lighting on Health and Wellbeing
– Ulysse Dormoy, Atrium, Bob Fosbury and Glen Jeffery, University College London

Innovation in lighting over the past twenty years has focused almost exclusively on energy efficiency. This has resulted in much needed improvements in energy savings that are contributing to the fight against climate change.

However new scientific research suggests there is a hidden human cost. Have we lost sight of the quality of light that people need for their health and wellbeing?

We delve into the science of light, how it affects our bodies, and its impact on design. This session includes research and resulting recommendations on:

  • The link between light deficiency and health issues
  • The importance of near-infrared light for mitochondrial function
  • Strategies to integrate human health into lighting design

Just one example of many potential benefits of the right lighting – in the UK we spend £9bn a year on treating Type 2 Diabetes, when a simple intervention of the right kind of light (free if you go outside) has been shown to reduce blood glucose levels.

Develop your understanding of how light enters the body and influences our physiology to inform your professional practice as well as your own daily life. Learn new skills and gain cutting edge insights to transform your approach to lighting the workplace.

Ulysse Dormoy
Bob Fosbury
Glen Jeffery

Workspace? Easy!
– Kursty Groves and Neil Usher

How easy can creating workspace be?

If we believe what we read, it’s impossible. So many questions, so few answers. But what if you had a clear, simple, logical and jargon-free guide to how to create a fantastic workspace? No empty promises. And no radical concepts, new panaceas or paradigm shifts. Or surveys.

Because that’s just what Kursty and Neil have created. The ultimate ‘how to’ manual. It’s been the book everyone has needed and yet no-one had attempted. And it’s what they’re going to talk about. You’ll hear why this guide is needed, how the authors’ struggled to demystify an industry, and be entertained by some of the things that went wrong along the way.

Kursty Groves is a leading workplace strategist and professor with over 25 years’ experience in workspace innovation and design. Author, professor, podcast host and international conference speaker, she’s known for her insightful approach to creating inspiring work environments.

Neil Usher is an internationally experienced workplace creator and change leader with over 30 years’ senior-level client-side and advisory experience. He’s the author of several books, a prolific blogger and a regular speaker, known for bringing a fresh perspective while challenging assumptions and myths.

Kursty and Neil

Realities of Office Space Utilisation
– Hodan Aden, Empire AI

In this presentation, Hodan shares key insights from analysing 160,000 data points on office space utilisation in Norway and Sweden. Her findings reveal a significant disconnect between perceived and actual office space usage, highlighting that 64% of office rooms remain unoccupied during work hours. Additionally, while 78% of meetings involve four or fewer participants, only 28% of meeting rooms are appropriately sized.

These insights will be valuable for anyone involved in workspace planning, demonstrating the importance of data-driven decisions to improve productivity, well-being, and resource efficiency.

Hodan Aden has a strong background in strategic workspace planning, having worked as both a CEO and workplace consultant. She has collaborated with some of Norway’s largest public and private companies, as well as major landlords, to develop their office real estate.

As the CEO of Empire AI, Hodan leads a software company dedicated to developing innovative tools that are crucial for creating better and more sustainable office spaces.

Hodan Aiden

Our moderators for the day

Chris Moriarty

Chris Moriarty

Nigel Oseland

Nigel Oseland
Workplace Unlimited

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